Where we collect your information

Your personal information will be held securely on Umbrella Credit LTD systems so that we help manage any current loan applications and or loan applications into the future. This will help us with loan administration, current and future product improvements.

  1. From credit reference agencies and also fraud prevention agencies
  2. From social media sites and verifying email and social media accounts.
  3. Through our websites, applications, customer surveys, interviews, emails, letters, your computer including, your IP address, operating system and or browser type – for the purposes of system and loan administration and product improvements.
  4. Through your history in dealing with us, payments history analysis etc.
  5. Phone calls, some or all conversations may be recorded or monitored for quality checks and staff training. These recordings may also be used to help us combat fraud.
  6. The personal and financial information you submit (or we collect)we may collect information about your computer including, where available, your IP address, operating system and browser type – for the purposes of system and loan administration and product improvement. For more details on the information collected in this manner see our Cookies Policy .

Information We Hold

How we manage sensitive personal information

The Data Protection Act defines certain information as sensitive (racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, trade union membership, physical or mental health, sexual life, criminal proceedings and offences). As part of your ongoing relationship with us, we may be provided with such information. Wherever possible we will always ask your explicit consent to process this information.

Using companies to process your information outside the EEA

We may sometimes use third parties based outside the European Economic Area. If we do we will always ensure they will protect your information to EU standards. Sometimes these organisations may disclose information to foreign authorities in the fight against crime and terrorism.

How we use your information

  • Search Credit Reference Agencies’ and Fraud Prevention Agencies’ records (including information from overseas).
  • To comply with our regulatory obligations.
  • To help make, assist in making any credit decisions about you, assess risks, to check the information you have furnished to us.
  • Operate and manage your account and manage any application, agreement or correspondence you may have with us carry out, monitor and analyse our business.
  • Contact you by email, SMS, letter or telephone about our products and services, unless you tell us that you prefer not to receive marketing.
  • To help identify, prevent, tackle fraud, money laundering, crimes, terrorism.
  • To form a view of you as an individual and to identify, develop or improve products, that may be of interest to you.
  • Carry out market research, business analysis, audits, system checks and “PI” performance indicators.
  • We may match information on social media sites with the data we hold to undertake behavioural analysis and assist with credit decisions.
  • The information we collect may also assist use with looking at targeted advertising using Social media.
  • Provide information to independent external bodies such as governmental departments and agencies, universities and similar to carry out research.
  • To help trace your current whereabouts.
  • To help recover any debt owing to us.

Your data may also be used for other purposes for which you give your permission, or where we are permitted to do so by law, or it is in the public interest to disclose the information or is otherwise permitted under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998.

How do we use information to credit score

  • When you apply for credit we use our Umbrella Credit LTD credit scoring.
  • It is designed to help us determine the individual’s likelihood to pay.
  • Credit scoring will take account of information you provide on your application, information already held in the Umbrella Credit LTD company about you, and data obtained from social media sites.
  • Umbrella Credit LTD credit scoring processes are regularly reviewed to ensure effectiveness and fairness.
  • We will check your identity and undertake fraud and money laundering checks.
  • We will ask you to provide physical forms of identity, payslips, PPS, bank details, employers names etc when you take a product with us.
  • Contacting you about products and services.

Contacting you about products and services

  • With your permission, we may contact you by E-mail, phone, SMS, and mail about products we feel will be of benefit to you. We will not contact you about everything, only if we think it is appropriate and relevant to you. This contact may continue after your relationship with us ends.  You may opt-out of receiving this information at any time by calling, writing to us at the address listed below or by email to admin@umbrellacredit.ie.
  • We will never provide information about you to other companies outside Umbrella Credit LTD or its affiliated companies.

Obtaining a copy of your information

You have a right of access to a copy of the personal data we hold about you for a fee of €8.90. Please write to the Administration Officer, Umbrella Credit LTD, 41 main Street, Swords, Co Dublin, Ireland enclosing a cheque payable to Umbrella Credit LTD and please providing as much information as possible regarding your request making sure to include a name and contact telephone number to help us deal with your request as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Use of Cookies

You can visit any of the Umbrella Credit LTD websites without identifying who you are or revealing any information about you or your IP address. However, cookies are used to store small amounts of information about your device, which allows certain information from your web browser to be collected. In addition, information will be collected if you commence the application process. You can access our Cookie Policy here.

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